Friday, September 5, 2008

P.S. don't mind the tech-no it was the video they gave us and I recorded it while it was playing on the computer so some times its not super clear but Tim wasn't home and I couldn't figure it out how else to transfer it.

Well I loved it and my boss is trying to hook us up to go sky diving for real we will see how that turns out :) Nothing like drooling with your boss but I would try and wipe my mouth and then I would dip down or loose balance. The IT guy at work today said I had a perma-grin but I couldn't help it my face was plastered back and then when I tried to but my lips together my teeth and gums were so dry they wouldn't move! Just another day in Orlando FL!

See everyone soon!! We are counting the days and watching the weather!! Love you

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mom tb said...

Gee, I was worried that you would not come down from the ceiling! What happens then, do they turn off the fans and you fall with a thud????
It was very cute, it does look like a 'perma grin'!