Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy the Birthday Grandma!!

 We went to the U.P for labor day weekend with Grandpa, Grandma and Ryan it was a cold but lovely weekend!!

 She loved her sink bath

 she was silent for maybe 8 min. haha

 Our craft of the day we may modern Fall wreaths
 The boys went and caught us some dinner!

 Awesome clouds
 Don't worry were just taking a drive to the top of the hill No roads :)

 Shes nuts... what can i say she wanted mini unders over her jammies
 Happy The Birthday Gama

Sophie's favorite place ever my little boat expert


Anonymous said...

Soph looks so old. I know I just saw her, but seriously, tell her to stop growing.

D iane said...

Andrea, Your pictures warm my heart! A mini glimpse of a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing..
And yes, I agree with Stacey, Soph looks so grown up..