Monday, June 20, 2011

Fox Island 2011

This past weekend we took an amazing trip to North Fox Island
We launched our boats from Lake Charlevoix and drove 25 miles by boat to the island

It was a super long trek up there who knew traveling 3 hours with 3 boats and 12 people could take so long

Land Hoo
Setting up camp
Once camp was set up we all could not fall asleep fast enough this is Derek and he didn't even make it to his tent
Ryan slept in his chair and got fried!
the girls stayed out of the wind

not much for sand it was all rocks glad we brought tennis shoes

Our camp from the water

Saturday was to wavy to beach the boats so Adam and Joe kindly volunteered to jump in and get the dingy the water was SUPER cold

Captain Tim

We went for a hike and found the old boy scout cabin from 1974 or what was left of it

The creepy basement

Crystal Clear Water

Matt the snake wrangler

Joe found a board walk to a cabin totally invisible till you stepped into the woods

Of coarse it wouldn't be complete without a theme night and you guessed it Gilligan's Island!!

Kim (aka Mary Ann)

Ryan was an awesome Gilligan even complete with shoes

Susan as The Millionaires wife and it couldn't get any classier than this

Kim,Ryan, Tim, Andrea, Joe and Susan

I was ginger the movie star of coarse I even wore this to breakfast that morning who doesn't love a full sequence gown with eggs in the morning :)

It was such an awesome weekend I am still pooped today but it was totally worth it
Thanks to everyone that came and to Grandma and Grandpa TerBeek for watching Sophie!!


Diane said...

You are all goofy, but goofy looks like fun! great memories!

Unknown said...

Hello! I am planning a Fox Island day trip and we would love to hike around that abandoned boy scout camp you found. Where about on the island is that located?


rachel said...

since somehow nobody else has yet, i feel the need to say that the "abandoned boy scout camp" yall found was a straight up child sex ring front. this info is also on the fucking wikipedia page for the island...