Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We have Spring Fever!! Sophie and I have been getting out side as much a possible we usually go in because I am cold! Sophie cries what a nut I am so excited for summer

We were able to bust out the bike carrier luckily it has a plastic cover to block the wind

Our fridge took a crap Sunday morning all the ice melted over night and was in the middle of our kitchen not a super fun way to start our day, but its already replaced with almost an identical one just newer!!

Tim turned 29

Our friends Matt and Erin joined the girl club with their daughter Brinn Eloise

This is a rare picture only because sophie is usually breaking Isaac's train tracks apart so to see them sitting so nice reading books was so cute
Sophie Thinks shes still a baby

Everyone needs a good blackmail picture for when they getting married


diane said...

OMG! Andrea Sophia is growing up so quickly before our very eyes! Precious photos, thanks for sharing

mom tb said...

What a hoot! Love the new pics. Thank you.