Sunday, April 4, 2010

The TuTu's I made for Halle and Sophie I will have pictures of Sophie tomorrow !!!

Stacey and I at Ashleys bachelorette Party for some reason I have none with Ashley (opps) Stacey does so were covered

Halle Sue

Sophies shoes i made!!

The hat Grandma Troost got her in Florida we think that all she needs is a camera around her neck and shes a picture perfect tourist

Such a rough life....

I just love this little girl!! Soo happy


diane said...

Oh Andrea, What a baby girl she is, I love it, and the pic of you and Stacey is hot!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I'm pretty sure Ashley deleted the one of us. I'll yell at her for us!

mom tb said...

MOTHER. . . the pic of Andrea and Stacey is HOT??? oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
I do say that its a good thing one of you bought a new shirt. Both of you in the black with green sweater and you would have confused people.
I saved the last picture of Sophia as a screen saver and it just makes me smile!!!

Andrea said...

I know right i had to double check if it was really grandma that thought we were hot what a hoot!! ...and the last pic of her makes me laugh out loud!